A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Emily, Nathan and Arlo at Piha Beach in Auckland. I met this beautiful family at the Baby Show back in August 2019, and I was thrilled when they won a family photoshoot with me.

We met in the evening, which is always a challenge with a small person as you just never know if they’re going to be happy with a change to their routine. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more happy and fun loving little boy to have in front of my camera. Arlo was a dream. Extremely curious, smiley and chatty, you could tell Arlo was a very much loved little boy. He is fiercely independent and knows exactly what he wants, and has the cheekiest little grin and beautiful big brown eyes. 

Before we headed down to the beach we stopped at the small playground just to give Arlo a bit of time to warm up and get used to be being around and pointing a camera at him. Thankfully, I’ve always found being patient with children has come quite naturally to me and it didn’t take long for Arlo to start ignoring me and just being himself which was great.

Once we had tired him out a little, we headed down to the beach as the sun was setting. We had a big splash in the sea, and then sat on the warm sand and watched as the light changed and the water glistened in the sunlight.  

Thanks so much to Emily, Nathan and Arlo for joining me for a fun family shoot!