As the youngest of four children, I always seemed to gravitate towards younger playmates that I could look after. I guess I’ve always had the “maternal instinct”.

So In 2010 when I announced I was going to travel to Australia, and my eldest brother and his wife announced they were expecting their first baby; I had a surge of excitement!

Hurrah! I was finally going to be an Auntie!

Fast forward to the night before I left for the airport; my second eldest brother announced that he and his wife were also expecting! 

Double the celebrations!

At the time I didn’t plan to be away for longer than six months, so off I went with my backpack, safe in the knowledge that I would have plenty of time with the little ones on my return.

Expect the unexpected!

Eight years later, I am the proud Auntie of four gorgeous, crazy, cheeky little boys back home in Leeds; and one beautiful baby niece who lives with my youngest brother and his wife in Perth.

And I am still living on the other side of the world in New Zealand with my partner Roy. So, that didn’t quite pan out the way that I had planned!


I try to get home to Leeds as much as I can, and I have regular contact with the boys. When I do get to spend time with them, I always make it my mission to capture some updated photos, (they grown so quick!); and I’m lucky that the boys are pretty used to me having my camera primed and ready.


L to R: Harris (2), Luka (2), Max (5) and Zachary (5).


Luka, and his love of all things chocolate!


And like most occasions … it always ends with with a pile on!


And a good game of sleeping logs! (This lasted a good five minutes – quite the record!)

I took these photos in the summer of 2016 while on a quick trip back to the motherland. They’re just a few of my favourites, as they really capture the personalities of the boys.

I am yet to meet my beautiful niece in Perth, and I am sure when I do I will take some photos of her that I will share on my blog. I am hoping to get over there in the next couple of months.

I guess the point in writing this post is to share how much of a family-orientated person I am, without having to actually be physically close to my family. And I am lucky that I get to capture so many amazing families in my line of work; and share in their memories too. Workings with kids is always unpredictable, and that’s something I really enjoy. After all, I really miss my own family, so I am selfishly reveling in being with yours!





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