Roy and I have lived in Auckland for over eight years now, and one of the reasons why we love our home is because of the other people that live here. People from all over the world have chosen New Zealand as their adopted home and really when you think about it, it’s not hard to understand why.

Divya and her husband Vijay moved to New Zealand from India. Far from a traditional arranged marriage, they met in India and asked their parents if they could marry. I can understand why their family agreed that they are a great match. Both down to earth, caring and funny; and now, soon to be parents!

I was so excited to meet Divya and Vijay for their maternity shoot at Bethell’s Beach. It’s one of the first west coast beaches Roy and I explored when we first got to Auckland, so I always enjoy coming back here for photo sessions.

Originally we had planned to meet in the evening however, this was changed a few days before as a potential house purchase was on the cards, and who am I to stand between someone and their dream family home! So we met at 11am and the first thing I had Divya do was to choose one of my maternity dresses to wear. I have a few different colours to choose from, and  Divya chose one of two white dresses, that near enough fit her perfectly.

It was a scorching summer day, with full sun and a strong and blustery warm wind that almost knocked us over a few times (don’t you just love Auckland weather!) but we perservered and had some fun capturing this special time in Divya and Vijay’s life. 


Divya also wanted to add in some special touches that she could show to family back in India so we had a few outfit changes and of course the all important scan photos. I am always so blown away with how incredible women’s bodies are, and getting close ups of Divya’s bump with some beautiful henna tattoos was one of my favouite parts of the shoot.

We finished the session in the rock cave to the right of the beach. I love the silhouette of Divya and Vijay together with the bright light of the world behind them, as I feel like it really captures their journey together.

Thanks again to Divya & Vijay for choosing me to capture their growing family together.

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