And then there were five!

Photographing babies is something that I absolutely adore. So imagine my delight when I was asked to capture my first set of twins! Melissa and I have known each other pretty much since I landed in New Zealand, so it was a no brainer when she asked me to photograph her girls once they made their appearance.

I had photographed Melissa during her pregnancy so I was very excited to meet the girls once they were safely home from ICU. The girls had given us all a bit of a fright when Melissa went into early labour a few weeks prior to her maternity shoot. Thankfully, with lots of bed rest and monitoring, they arrived safely at North Shore Hospital. And oh, how gorgeous they truly are!

Whilst Charlotte is the biggest, Isabelle is definitely giving her a run for her money when it comes to cuteness! It was of course extra special getting to hang out and catch up with Melissa and her eldest daughter Lula.

I always like to make a fuss of older siblings as quite often the family dynamic is a big change for them. Prior to the girls arriving Melissa had told me Lula wasn’t too excited about being a big sister. Perhaps being an only sibling was ideal because that’s all she had known. I am happy to say this was not the case on the day of our shoot! Lula was absolutely brilliant, and it honestly took me all my strength not to be a puddle on the floor from all the cuteness and the emotion from the whole family.

Congratulations again Mel, Gareth and Lula, on the safe arrival of your beautiful girls Charlotte and Isabelle.

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