A few months ago, I came across a post on a Facebook group that caught my eye… it read…

 “Just learned a VERY hard lesson today. As a creative person I don’t always pay much attention to paperwork or the back end of things. Like BACKING UP YOUR COMPUTER FILES. Last week my kids managed to drop my laptop and I just got word that the hard drive is dead. I cannot even get my data off it. This is massive for me. 4 years of work, product photo-shoots, designs, artwork, logos etc. all gone.” SIC

My heart sank. I knew if the same thing happened to me I would be devastated. So I did what any good person would do, and I offered to help.

A few weeks later I had two beautifully designed wedding dresses, a stunning and very talented model (thank you Katie Appleyard); and a scorcher of a day for a location shoot at Piha beach. Perfect!

Well… sunshine is great if you’re heading to the beach to top up your tan. It’s a little more challenging when you’re lugging around camera equipment, trying to keep your model in shade; and capture a wedding dress in the brightest natural light there is.

And I hate to break it to you, but photography isn’t always glam… especially if you’re working with zero budget! There was no chilled water, air con or official “shoot area”. Instead Katie changed between two parked cars, with just a bed sheet for modesty; and we had short
bursts of air con and water breaks sitting in my car.

But… we made it work and we laughed so much my stomach suddenly remembered that before Christmas I had abs! And it was all for a good cause. To help a perfect stranger who needed some new photos of her beautiful designs.

A big thank you to Julie and Katie for this awesome collaboration.

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